A big “thank you” to Dr Kasonde Hon Minister of Health (retired)

The Hon Dr Joseph Kasonde has just retired as the Minister of Health of Zambia. We will miss him and his support for our work in Zambia. He has been with us from the start. We first met with him on 26-Jun-12 and he’s been enormously supportive ever since then.

In Aug-12 he agreed to be interviewed for the independent documentary about our work – The Cola Road – where he gave this endorsement:

His last appearance on our behalf was at the launch of our partnership with Shoprite, reported here. He’d travelled back from the Copperbelt that day so said he wouldn’t be able to stay long. But he stayed afterwards to speak with journalists for as long as they still had questions. This is the interview he gave to young journalist, George Phiri of Hone FM 94.1:

Listen to the interview with Dr Kasonde at the Shoprite launch on SoundCloud

In between these highlights, he made himself available as guest of honour at the GSK and Save the Children Roundtable on Innovation in Child Health on 11-Feb-15 where he presented us with the GSK/Save the Children Healthcare Innovation Award:

Simon Berry receives the GSK and Save The Children Award from Dr Kasonde, Hon Minister of Health, Zambia

Dr Kasonde, thank you for your tireless energy for the people of Zambia – and your support for Kit Yamoyo.