Call for volunteers – Shoprite Watch

Shoprite Watch combined screenshotsIf you live in Zambia and use Shoprite you could really help us get Kit Yamoyo to people who need it. Here’s how.

All 28 Shoprite stores across Zambia sell Kit Yamoyo, the problem is it’s not always on the shelves and if it’s not on the shelves then people can’t buy it! If it’s not on the shelves in a particular store and we know about it we can make sure it gets back on the shelves quickly.

We are looking for volunteers to keep an eye on their local Shoprite store when they go there to shop – no need to make a special trip – just check out the medicines section each time you visit your local Shoprite and let us know whether Kit Yamoyo is on the shelves or not.

To volunteer for this you will need to:

1. Have a phone that can run the WhatsApp App.
2. Send an email with: Your name, your mobile number and the name of the Shoprite store you use.

We will then add you to our ‘Shoprite Watch’ group on WhatsApp and you will use that to let us know if Kit Yamoyo is on the shelves when you visit your Shoprite store. It’s as simple as that!

If you are able to help in this way we would really appreciate it.