But Mummy you should have bought Kit Yamoyo

Anecdotal evidence is emerging that our ‘all round’, 360-degree approach to the promotion of Kit Yamoyo is starting to work.

On Friday (6-May) the project manager for KYTS-LUSAKA was in the Bank with her orange Kit Yamoyo T-Shirt on when another woman approached her. “Ah, Kit Yamoyo” she said pointing to my colleague’s T-Shirt. “My youngest had diarrhoea at the beginning of the week and I went to the Pharmacist and got ORS and this and that. When I came home my nine-year-old said ‘but Mummy why did you buy all this? You should have bought Kit Yamoyo’.”

The nine-year-old had obviously been listening to Radio Phoenix which is playing this advert at the moment.

Listen on SoundCloud

Onwards and upwards!




  1. I am happy to be part of this project. Let us save lives. ColaLife is the way to go…..