ColaLife on EBC News Taiwan

I was very pleased to receive this news clip from Taiwan this week. In aired on EBC News several times over the weekend (7-8 May 16). The feature is based on an interview I gave after the Social Enterprise Summit in Taipei last month (17-Apr-16). The EBC editing team have done a fantastic job at mining our video resources on YouTube and elsewhere to put this together.

It’s mostly in Mandarin but the visuals are good and the gist of the interview is as follows: brief background to ColaLife > how the original idea (kits in crates) wasn’t important > how we dealt with this “failure” and moved on.

The quote from Stephen Covey: “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” features prominently at the end of the interview. They obviously liked that (as do we).

Thanks go to Annie Ke (柯雅涵 ) and the team at EBC New for putting this together and getting the ColaLife message to the Mandarin speaking world.