Bringing our strategy for impact to life – the Ashoka Globalizer

Social Impact Tipping Point - Ashoka Globalizer

ColaLife has been selected to participate in the current Ashoka Globalizer on Health and Lighting in partnership with the Philips Foundation. The Globalizer works through a formal process to help Ashoka Fellows scale-up their impact without necessarily growing their organisations. We’ve known from the outset that we couldn’t achieve the impact we aspire to have by growing ColaLife (see Our strategy for impact). The issue of child mortality from diarrhoea is so huge, one organisation couldn’t possibly address it. And even if one organisation could, it shouldn’t. Why? Because in every country where ColaLife’s approach is applicable, all the players to do what we are doing in Zambia are already in place they just need to re-orientate themselves slightly, work together a bit differently and have access to our findings and learning.

Although we are aligned with the approach of the Ashoka Globalizer and we have done a few things this approach requires (see our Open Access Initiative for example), we do not have a sound plan to ensure it happens successfully. We are expecting the Ashoka Globalizer will give us a framework and the support to achieve this. The Globalizer runs for six months and culminates with a summit in Eindhoven, Netherlands in mid Oct-16. Watch this space.