Kit Yamoyo adverts now in place on MSL trucks

MSL Truck with advert ex Bonnie
Image credit: Dr Bonface Fundafunda

This is something we never thought would happen. The national distributor of medicines for the public sector in Zambia, Medical Stores Limited (MSL), is now carrying adverts for Kit Yamoyo on their trucks. This will complement the roll-out of Kit Yamoyo at Shoprite stores as Kit Yamoyo starts appearing on Shoprite shelves nationwide.

These same trucks will be distributing the public sector version of Kit Yamoyo to government health centres while advertising the commercial version on the outside. What a great example of public/private partnership.

This was part of the agreement signed in Nov-15 and would only have happened with the support of the far-sighted Managing Director, Dr Bonface Fundafunda. Dr Fundafunda has been a supporter of our work since our very first exploratory visit to Zambia in Oct-10 when he was an adviser to the Ministry of Health and he persuaded a director at the Ministry to meet with us. This is where our, now strong, relationship with the Ministry of Health started.

A big thank you to Dr Fundafunda and his staff at MSL.




  1. Interestingly the public sector are advertising the private sector’s Kit Yamoyo – surely a first just about anywhere in the world!