Kit Yamoyo on Shoprite shelves

It was very heartening to have received these pictures over the last couple of days of Kit Yamoyo on the shelves of Shoprite stores in Mongu and Chipata. Somehow, seeing Kit Yamoyo on the shelves, with its own label, gives it the legitimacy it deserves!

Kit Yamoyo on the shelf in Shoprite (Mongu) Kit Yamoyo on the shelf in Shoprite (Chipata)
Image credits: Akufuna Ngenda (Mongu) and Elias Lungu (Chipata)

Mongu is 612 km to the west of Lusaka and Chipata is 570 km to the east.

And then a friend sent this picture of kits she’d bought in one of the Lusaka stores – just in case.

Kit Yamoyo in fruit bowl
Image credit: Vicky Veevers

Onwards and upwards!




  1. This is fab, surrounded by well known brands! Reliable commercial access at a good price…

    Sales figures will be interesting to track particularly as the marketing and promotion plan kicks in.


  2. This is so impressive – to get social lifesaving goods next to FMCGs on a supermarket shelf is almost unique in the NGO world. Well done to everyone.