ColaLife’s Kit Yamoyo Flexi-pack wins UK Packaging Award

UK Packaging Award 2015

Kit Yamoyo flexi-pack ex Amcor Measuring water using the flexi-pack

Last night (11-Nov-15) ColaLife’s Kit Yamoyo Flexi-pack won a UK Packaging Award – “Resource Efficient Pack of the Year”. That’s what happens when you have great packaging partners: Amcor Flexibles and PI Global. Thank you guys!

In 2013 we won the very prestigious Dupont Packaging Awards for our original ‘aidpod‘ which fitted between the necks of bottles in Coca-Cola crates but this had to be ditched a year later when we found that fitting in crates wasn’t the innovation we thought it was and the market was telling us we needed to get the costs down. This award, two years later, is some vindication for doing what customers want.

Onwards and upwards.




  1. Fantastic to see how an idea that captured everyone’s imagination is evolving into new products that work in the market. Perhaps more ‘inventors’ or people with a great ideas can learn from the approach – validating their concepts in the market and having the humility to listen to its guidance/steer?

    One more step for ColaLife!