Kit Yamoyo assembly now in full swing at Pharmanova

Kit Yamoyo assembly - the assembly team

Meet the assembly team at Pharmanova. These 24 men will be working for the next 14 months to fulfil existing orders for Kit Yamoyo, and the public sector variant, the GRZ ORS/Zinc co-pack. The guy standing in the middle in the dark blue overall is Conta – he’s in charge and has been involved in Kit Yamoyo assembly from the very beginning of our trial which started in Aug-12.

Kit Yamoyo assembly Kit Yamoyo assembly

Backing up this team are those manufacturing the ORS and Zinc.

ORS production Zinc tablet blister packing

Zinc tablet blister packing Zinc tablet blister packing

Zinc tablet blister packingWhen we started the trial in Aug-12 nobody knew what Kit Yamoyo was and there was no local production of Zinc. Since then we have completely redesigned the Kit Yamoyo based on the learning from the trial and a local pharmaceutical company is in full production producing around 2,000 kits a day using locally manufactured ORS and Zinc.

Onwards and upwards.