ColaLife Live on Australian Radio – Sunday 26-Jul-15

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When Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, indicated that her government would use corporates like Coca-Cola to deliver aid, it caused quite a stir. The report in The Guardian (Australia) attracted more that 600 comments, including one or two from me.

This Guardian report and the BMJ debate that preceded it also generated this well considered article by Sam Byfield on the DevPolicy blog. An interesting discussion followed this blog post, to which I also contributed.

On Friday (24-Jul-25) I was invited to join a panel to discuss this issue further. The panel discussion will go out live and nationwide on the ABC Radio Sunday Nights programme.

The other panel members are:

Tim Costello, CEO, World Vision Australia
Ruwan de Mel, former Head of Strategy at The Global Fund
Paul O’Callaghan, CEO, Caritas Australia.

I will contribute from a studio behind BBC Broadcasting House in London from 1pm UK time. A podcast of the show should be available by 4pm UK time tomorrow (26-Jul-15) from the ABC Radio website.