Kit Yamoyo selected as a finalist in the INDEX Awards 2015

INDEX: Design to improve life sets out to inspire, educate and engage people to design sustainable solutions to global problems.

The INDEX: Award 2015 received 1,123 nominations breaking all previous records. From these, 46 finalists have been selected and Kit Yamoyo is one of them. The five winners will be revealed and celebrated on 27-Aug-15 in Vaerftshallerne in Elsinore, Denmark.

It is massive achievement for ColaLife to reach the finals in such a prestigious award. Only 4% of nominations made it through to the final shortlist, and now we are in with a 11% of winning €100,000. Kit Yamoyo is in the Body Category of the award together with more than 50% of the other nominations.

We were encouraged to submit a nomination based on the original AidPod design – the trial version of Kit Yamoyo that fitted into Coca-Cola crates. But, as regular readers will know, we have moved on from that. So instead, our submission focussed on the design progression of Kit Yamoyo (described here in a previous blog post). We submitted documentation to show this together with a sample of the original Kit Yamoyo and the scale-up version, the flexi-pack.

Kit Yamoyo design progressionThe ColaLife – Index: Award Slidedeck can be downloaded here (PDF, 7.2 MB).

We eagerly await the announcement of the winner on 27-Aug-15. Even if we don’t win, it is a significant achievement to be in the final and we wish to thank everyone who has worked to get us here not least the women who were so crucial to the original design.

Village mothers focus group (cropped)
Women give their views on the original Kit Yamoyo prototype in focus groups ran in May-12
Image credit: Albert Saka



  1. Very many congratulations on your achievement of reaching the final. We all wish you well in this final stage of this particular journey. “May the FORCE be with you!” 🙂


  2. Simon, congrats on making the final stage. I really like the image of packaging transformation that illustrates the story how your original insights led to the ‘gap in the crate’ addressing the problem evolved to addressing ‘the gap in the market’ as well. I would like to say the journey was serendipitous but it was more so clearly informed by ‘fact based decision making’ covering data, user feedback and commercial rationale.



  3. Simon and Jane,

    Congratulations on making it to the finals of the INDEX Award! What an achievement. Good luck getting the top prize!