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Last week we learned that we had been shortlisted in the 2014 Health Systems Social Media Awards , in the ‘Transparency’ category. These awards are run by Health Systems Global.

If you can spare 5 minutes, please could you endorse our nomination here.

Many of our supporters have applauded our transparency: the way we report both failure and success; explore challenges openly and call for help and advice when we need it.

We are really pleased with this nomination as we do try to push the boundaries when it comes to openness, sharing and collaboration. We believe that keeping what we have learned ‘under wraps’ helps no one and can actually obstruct development and delay progress. As a practical example, if it wasn’t for this blog, our Facebook Page and our Open Access initiative, the results of the ColaLife Trial would be hidden away in reports on donors’ shelves. We are also intending to publish in more traditional channels like academic journals, but this is proving to be a very much longer process.

You can endorse our nomination using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account – just click here – and thank you.

Onwards and upwards!







  1. Done! – you deserve to win this as you guys have been a standout for me in this category!

    Best wishes