ColaLife keynote at C2MTL

I am honoured to be giving one of the keynote presentations at C2MTL on 28-May in Montreal. C2MTL (Creativity & Commerce Montreal) is billed as a business conference somewhere between genius and insanity so I should be quite at home with those on the insanity end of the spectrum! Other keynote speakers include James Cameron (Filmmaker: Titantic, Avatar etc); Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Founder of Grameen Bank); Noreena Hertz (Thought Leader and Author); Abigail Posner (Head of Strategic Planning, Google); and so on. There are 25 of us over three days with much more going on besides.

I’m using the opportunity to visit Wilmington where I’ll be speaking at the DuPont Packaging Awards, which we won last year, explaining why we are moving away from our award winning packaging, at least in Zambia. I’ll also be visiting Rohit in Toronto and speaking at the University of Michigan at the invitation of our Virtual Advisory Board Member, Prof Dr Prashant Yadav. And finally, I’ll be visiting Seattle and meeting with colleagues at PATH and the Gates Foundation and hope to be screening The Cola Road in Seattle too. Does anyone know a good venue?

Paris last week, USA/Canada in May? This is all part of our strategy for impact. ColaLife must disseminate and share what it has learnt. We can only have an impact if others know what we’ve done and incorporate the learning into their own strategies for improved child health.

Here’s my C2MTL billing:

C2MTL Magazine Feature | Simon Berry
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