Spring in Paris | Presentation to the IHI/BMJ in Paris | 11-Apr-14

Helen Beven's tweet - Quality2014I have just got back to Zambia from Paris where I was honoured to give the closing keynote presentation at a massive conference organised by the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare. The conference was entitled “Strive for Excellence. Seek Value. Spark a revolution.” so I was in my element!

There were around 3,000 delegates from more that 70 countries. My presentation on what we’d learnt from the trial and our progress in scaling up seemed to go down very well based on the tweets (I saw 45!). It touched on many of the conference themes: the importance of listening to patients (customers in our case); openness and transparency; the effective use of social media to mention just three.

For those of you who were not there, here are the slides and the video from my presentation. I’m very happy to answer any questions.

View the presentation on SlideShare: What we’ve learnt from Coca-Cola | Taking ColaLife to scale in Zambia


View the conversation with Gladys Imasiku on the ColaLife YouTube Channel