Scale-up cranks up | Lusaka wholesalers in place

Apologies for the fall in blogging rate. There’s been less than one a week since 1-Jan-14. For the moment blogging time has been swallowed up supporting requests to access our trial findings through our open access initiative. But that’s OK as it’s probably our most important dissemination activity right now. If you’d like access to our findings for your own organisation’s planning and strategy development around child health please follow this link. We are pleased to have signed access agreements with several organisations as well as global agreements with CHAI and iDE.

In addition, moving from trial to scale-up has been more energy sapping and time consuming than we expected –┬ánot because of the product or the partners, but bureaucracy and treacle abounds (very little of it Zambian!). But we are well underway now and this week we’ve identified the Lusaka wholesalers who will support the retailers in the compounds (townships) around Lusaka. Our Lusaka work will link in with a generic promotional campaign on ORS and Zinc being run by CIDRZ (Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia) and this will start this month.

Lusaka wholesalers 28-Feb14

Here is a list of the other things we have in place since 1-Jan-14:

  1. Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF) continue to recruit and train retailers in the trial districts of Katete and Kalomo beyond the trial sites _ cash sales are encouraging!
  2. KZF have also started discussions with the key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, in the districts neighbouring Katete and Kalomo in preparation for expansion
  3. iDE Zambia, our new frontline NGO partner, have recruited field staff to cover three new, more urban, districts: Mazabuka, Kabwe and Chibombo
  4. Our packaging partners, led by PI Global and Amcor Flexibles, have been busy designing and commissioning the flexible packaging and the Screw-top mould from China. We should have production quantities of both in place this month.
  5. Meanwhile the assembly of Kit Yamoyos by Pharmanova using the original award-winning packaging has restarted, to service the geographical expansion
  6. We have commissioned a new inventory and voucher monitoring system from Dimagi to support our scale-up work in remote rural areas
  7. A second ‘willingness to pay’ research study by IDinsight in peri-urban communities in the Copperbelt is underway, to compare the two new Kit Yamoyo formats that will be used in the scale-up – the Screw-top and the Flexi-pack
  8. We’re very excited to be supporting CHAI with their request to include the new Flexi-pack in concept testing work in India, Nigeria and Uganda
  9. We’ve signed all the MOUs necessary for the scale-up including with the Ministry of Health (= a very big deal)
  10. And we continue to seek funding and engage with funders who may support us from 1-Jul

Onwards and upwards!




  1. Just curious, why are you commissioning China and not Zambia?

    • Hi Joanne, I should have been clearer. The Screw-tops will be made in Zambia but the blow mould machine that is being used is Chinese and so the mould is being made there.

      The Flexi-packs have been designed by Amcor Flexibles and these will be made in their factory in Portugal. Although they look incredibly simple that are very sophisticated in their design. the bottom gusset has to pop out under the weight of 125g (125ml) of water to get the measuring right. So the gusset is of a specific depth and thickness. Only the very simplest of plastic bags can be made in Zambia at the moment.