450 turn out at Waterloo University for The Cola Road screening

The biggest ever audience turned out on 16-Jan-14 at the University of Waterloo to hear presentation by our very own Rohit Ramchandani on ColaLife and watch the award-winning ColaLife Documentary – The Cola Road. Missed it? Don’t worry it’s screening again right next door at The GreenHouse, St Paul’s University College, Waterloo, Ontario on 11-Feb-14. Please book here, tickets are free but you’ll need one to get in.

How come all the screenings are in Canada I hear you say. Well, the are not – Jane and I are back in the UK for a Q&A Session after a screening in London on 13-Mar-14. This is being organised by long-term ColaLife Supporter, Jude Habib of sounddelivery. The exact venue will be announced shortly.

Twitter images from The Cola Road Screening at Waterloo University 16-Jan-14
Clockwise from top left: The Canadians! (Rohit Ramchandani, ColaLife’s Public Health Adviser and Principal Investigator for the ColaLife Trial in Zambia; Claire Ward the maker of The Cola Road documentary) | The audience at the Canadian Museum of Civilization | Rohit’s presentation | The introduction to the evening