Yay! How we are using our MOOlah

Training Cards by MOO
Prototype training cards by MOO (sorry, the picture does not do justice to the beauty of these cards!)

It was an honour in 2012 to win the MOO Award and it raised the profile of ColaLife significantly. When the award was announced visits to our website increased five-fold. As well as receiving a cash prize of £5,000, ColaLife was also given £1,000 of MOOlah, the MOO currency, to spend on MOO products. Time passed, the trial finished and we reviewed everything, including the training materials, based on what we’d learnt. I wrote about the review of the training materials and our future plans here.

Last week, I uploaded the revised training materials to MOO and laid them out on MOO Postcards and yesterday they arrived in our office here in Zambia (3 days ahead of schedule) and they are beautiful. The front is glossy and the back, where trainees will write out the content in their own language, has a light sheen which takes ballpoint pen ink really well.

This was a great way to spend some of our MOOlah.

Now it’s over to you. If you need business cards, stickers, postcards or any other MOO product then please use this link to buy. You will get 10% discount and we will get more MOOlah to buy more training cards – a real win-win.

Thanks again MOO.



  1. Hello Simon, I am so happy that things are going well and I really enjoy following your progress. I will be coming to Lusaka, Kaoma and Mongu for the whole month of April, 2014 to hopefully get my tree nursery up & growing. I am so pleased to say that Socio-Economic And Environmental Development Solutions (SEEDS) received charitable status in December 2013. Canadian Charitable # 80157 2736 RR0001. We are still working on the web site http://www.sendseedstoafrica.org but we are on Facebook, Google +, Twitter & Youtube. or my old blog medwoman.wordpress.com.
    I am hoping you are ready to sell Kit Yamoyo to the public, being me, as I would love to take some to my connections and especially Kalabo. You may email me at joanne@sendseedstoafrica.org and let me know of a retailer I could by them from in one of the above cities mentioned. Thank you so much! I will make sure the mothers are properly trained. Best, Joanne

    • Thanks for your comment Joanne and congratulations on the set-up of SEEDS.
      By April, you should be able to buy as many Kit Yamoyos from wholesalers in Lusaka as you want! It would be great if you could take them to Western Province and introduce them to wholesalers, retailers and mothers there.
      Let me know as soon as you have your travel dates and we must try and meet up in Lusaka when you are here.