The COTZ Network Diagram

We are to be the subject of a Masters Thesis looking at social innovation, complexity theory and leadership. Don’t ask me anymore because I don’t know but it does sound very interesting and I am sure that what is produced will add to our understanding of how to help others in other countries pick up the learning from the COTZ (ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia) and adapt it to their circumstances.

My initial commitment to this work was to produce a network diagram showing the relationships we’ve established over the last two years while implementing the trial. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and was quite surprised with the outcome. There were a lot more relationships than I imagined especially as we’ve been careful not to put ourselves in a position that makes us indispensable in the medium term.

Click on the image below (or here) to see the diagram full-size in Flickr.

COTZ Network Diagram v3

The challenge as we move to the scale-up phase or KYTS (Kit Yamoyo Transition to Scale) will be to move ourselves away from the middle of this web and that’s what we plan to do.

Here is a description of the relationships in the diagram:

  1. Ethical approval for the COTZ trial.
  2. Funding of RuralNet for part of the research (Health Centre Impact).
  3. Funding of Antara for part of the research (Health Centre Impact).
  4. Supervision, advice and ethical oversight.
  5. Oversight, advice and support (eg training of enumerators).
  6. Liaison and facilitation of operations by Ministry of Health (MoH) – MOU in place between ColaLife and MoH.
  7. Liaison.
  8. Liaison and supervision by ColaLife. Public health advice to ColaLife.
  9. Liaison and facilitation of operations by MoH.
  10. Liaison and collaboration on promotional activities (inc voucher distribution).
  11. Oversight of Community Health Workers/Promoters.
  12. Recruitment and supervision of field staff.
  13. Liaison – quarterly stakeholder meetings.
  14. Training and supervision.
  15. Same relationship as 14.
  16. Training and sales support.
  17. Liaison and support.
  18. Promotion (inc demonstrations) of the Kit Yamoyo to mothers.
  19. Orders from wholesaler to MSL and delivery of the kits to wholesalers by MSL.
  20. Purchase of kits from wholesalers by retailers.
  21. Purchase of kits from retailers by mothers (supported by vouchers (Sep-12 to Aug-13).
  22. Supervision and oversight of KZF by ColaLife.
  23. Supervision and oversight of Pharmanova by ColaLife and supply of packaging and Zinc.
  24. Delivery of kits by Pharmanova to MSL.
  25. Supervision and oversight of Zoona (voucher supplier) by ColaLife – contract for services in place between ColaLife and Zoona (to Sep-13).
  26. Management of Zoona voucher system and the provision of mobile money accounts for retailers by Zoona (was MTZL).
  27. Supervision and oversight of PI Global by ColaLife.
  28. Advice and donations from online supporters via the blog.
  29. Majority funder.
  30. First funder.
  31. Funder.
  32. Funding, advice and introductions to wholesalers.
  33. Liaison and advice.
  34. Liaison and goodwill.
  35. Supervision and oversight of the Operational Research by UNICEF – contract for services in place between UNICEF and RuralNet.
  36. Supervision and oversight of UNICEF by ColaLife. Advice from UNICEF to ColaLife on project design at the planning stage.
  37. ColaLife provides the secretariat to the COTZ Steering Group
  38. MoH chairs COTZ Steering Group which is a learning forum for national stakeholders (inc national representatives of international NGOs including CHAI, WFP).
  39. Two-way liaison and sharing of learning. ColaLife support to nascent projects in other countries
  40. Contractor for price elasticity research (rural areas) Oct-13 – contract for services in place.
  41. Supply of Zinc Sulphate (PedZinc – imported from Tanzania).
  42. Supply of the packaging (AidPod). Relationship managed by PI Global but ordering and invoicing done directly with ColaLife.
  43. Supply of film to seal AidPods. Relationship managed by PI Global but ordering and invoicing done directly with ColaLife.
  44. Supply of the sealing machine. Relationship managed by PI Global but ordering and invoicing done directly with ColaLife.
  45. Supplier of patent and design registration services. Relationship managed by PI Global but ordering and invoicing done directly with ColaLife.
  46. Supplier of print services: training materials and Kit Yamoyo leaflets.
  47. Supplier of Kit Yamoyo signage for retailers.
  48. COMESA/TMSA acts as the accountable body for the DfID funding and also provides us with office space and funding for regional activities (ie visiting other countries interested in our work)
  49. Claire shadowed ColaLife for 5 weeks in Aug/Sep-12 and independently produced the award-winning ColaLife documentary – The Cola Road. We agreed that Claire could use the footage she had taken in anyway she liked.

The diagram was produced using a very simple application called Scapple which was a joy to use. Hat tip to Euan Semple and his great newsletter for bringing Scapple to my attention.