DfID Zambia say “yes” to ColaLife Scale-up Plan

UK AID logoWe are delighted to announce that DfID Zambia (the UK’s Department for International Development in Zambia) have committed, ahead of other donors, to fund ColaLife’s activities in Zambia until the end of Jun-14.

This is fantastic news as it ensures one of our key objectives, that there should be a ‘no-gap’ transition from the current trial to national scale-up. This is crucially important to us, because mothers and care-givers have come to rely on Kit Yamoyo and it would not be right for the supply of kits to stop just because the trial has ended.

We have approached two more of our existing donors for scale-up support and they make their decisions in Nov-13 just as the trial comes to an end. If they agree to support our plans their funding will run through to 31-Dec-16.

As part of their commitment, DfID Zambia have invited us to bid into a new child nutrition programme which comes on stream early next year. If successful this would provide us with on-going support from DfID from Jul-14 to Dec-16.

This extension of funding also required the support of COMESA/TMSA who act as the ‘accountable body’ for the DfID funding and provide us with office facilities in Lusaka.

We are very grateful to DfID, the UK tax payer and COMESA/TMSA for their continued support. We expect to be able to provide a massive rate of return on your investment in ColaLife.




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