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Princess Sarah Zeid chooses to single out Kit Yamoyo in her speech at the United Nations

We are very proud that Princess Sarah Zeid – an ambassador for mother and child health – chose to highlight Kit Yamoyo in her speech at the Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) reception at the UN General Assembly this week (24/9/13). This is what she said courtesy of ColaLife’s Rohit Ramchandani who was at the reception: […]

Kit Yamoyo presented at UN General Assembly as breakthrough innovation

Our strategy for impact is that others pick up what we are learning from the trial in Zambia and incorporate this into their own programmes. For this strategy to work people need to know what we are doing and we need endorsement from reputable sources. For this reason we are very pleased to be showcased […]

What James did for ColaLife

Some people take it upon themselves to do extraordinary things for ColaLife. James went on a trip of self discovery and raised more than £1,000 for us in the process. This is his story in his own words: CAMINO DE FRANCES – JULY 2013 On 17-Jul, I set out to walk just over 500km of […]

Child mortality figures published – glass half-full or half empty?

Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person? I’m definitely the ‘half-full’ type. You’ll not find many pictures of miserable children on this blog, I prefer to take an optimistic approach and think that it’s better to ‘look on the bright side’. However, I find I just can’t be a ‘glass half-full’ person […]

Our learning journey so far and accusations of failure and abandonment

Media channels are slowly picking up on what we are learning from the ColaLife trial in Zambia and there have been a range of reactions – from broadsheet to tabloid in that order. The backdrop to this is that the use of the unused space in Coca-Cola crates is not the enabler we thought it […]

Calling all designers – help us out here!

Regular readers will know that our Kit Yamoyo anti-diarrhoea kit has design features that respond to the needs of the mothers we talked to as part of the design process. A technique we now know is called ‘Human Centred Design’. Mothers helping with the design of the Kit Yamoyo Two key features of Kit Yamoyo help […]

The ‘science of delivery’ and ColaLife

        The current President of the World Bank Group, Jim Kim, has made what he calls ‘The Science of Delivery’ a theme of his tenure. I was made aware of this by a ColaLife supporter pointing me to this blog post by Kevin Watkins on the ODI’s website: Jim Kim’s ‘science of […]