You are invited to a mother and toddlers’ group in Kagoro

This ‘one-take’ video taken by Albert Saka of Keepers Zambia Foundation captures the atmosphere of our work with mothers raising awareness and promoting Kit Yamoyo on a very windy day. None of it is in English of course but this is the gist of what’s happening and what’s being said:

Kit Yamoyo Promoter: Are there mothers here who have used Kit Yamoyo? Come and tell us how you use it.
First woman: You measure the water. Have you seen where the water is measured to?
Promoter: Explain how you are mixing! Explain more!
First woman: You make it like this. You put in the ORS, you put water up to here. When you have finished making the ORS you give it to the child to drink. Also, give Zinc pills once in the morning.
Promoter: Who else can show us?
Second woman: You must measure the water well, you are supposed to make the water reach this mark. That one was not enough. It is not only to here, it is here. When you have finished making it you give it to the child. You can use the container as a cup.
For a small child give half a tablet for 10 days of Zinc.
When the child has drunk it, make up some more ORS, give ORS until the child is better.
Children! Come and have a sip!

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  1. Via email says

    Awesome work!!!


  2. Via email says

    Lovely – I was just thinking – why don’t you put a STRAW in the package – for kids it might be much nicer to drink 🙂

    Best from Berlin!


    • Hi SG

      Thanks for your comment. Funnily enough we did consider a straw but dropped it at the last minute. The health people were concerned about the 2nd and subsequent use of the straw which might not be cleaned properly.

      In the end we decided to drop the idea – we were pushing enough boundaries as it was!


  3. Loved the videos! Job well done!