Kit Yamoyo on local radio in Kalomo and Katete

The Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF) field staff have been using their respective local radio stations for several weeks now to spread the word about Kit Yamoyo and keep the brand in people’s minds.

The approach has been different in each district. Katete has run weekly Kit Yamoyo ‘shows’ where they talk with the show’s host about Kit Yamoyo, what it does, how to use it and where to buy it from. In Kalomo they are running this advert, featuring one of the kalomo Chiefs – Chief Chikanta – three times a day:


Here’s a translation courtesy of Albert Saka of KZF:

Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF) is an NGO implementing COTZ Project in Kalomo and Katete Districts. The project promotes an Anti-Diarrhoea Kit (ADK) called Kit Yamoyo.

The kit has 8 eight sachets of ORS, Zinc tablets, soap and instruction leaflet written in English with translations in Tonga and Nyanja.

Learn how to use Kit Yamoyo in your house because diarrhoea can occur at any time even at night.
Is kit Yamoyo expensive? No! It only costs 5 Kwacha.

Keepers Zambia Foundation is concerned with the child health and wants to address the problem of diarrhoea.
Every mother/caregiver/home must know how to use the kit because diarrhoea can occur anytime without warning.

Kit Yamoyo is available in shops in the following areas; Siachitema, Sipatunyana, Bbilili, Kanchele, kalonda, Luyaba, Muchindu and Mubanga.

Do you have any questions? Visit KZF offices are situated on plot 32 near E&N lodge. The office is open from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00hrs.

KZF is not working alone in this project, it works in partnership with Ministry of Health.

Chief Chikanta’s appeal
This is Chief Chikanta. Continue to save the lives of children. Always have Kit Yamoyo in your house in order for you to immediately treat diarrhoea when it occurs. Be a wise mother who saves the life of a child.

For further information, call the following numbers: 0976853152 0968418465

This advert features a re-mix of the original Kit Yamoyo Song which has verses in Nyanja and Tonga. The remix was done locally as it was felt that the whole advert should be in Tonga.

Here is the Tongo re-mix of the Kit Yamoyo Song:


And here is the translation again courtesy of Albert Saka:

Kit Yamoyo
Kit Yamoyo
Be a wise mother who buys Kit Yamoyo
Kit Yamoyo
It gives strength to and revives life in children
Kit Yamoyo
It prevents re-occurrence of diarrhoea in children for at least 3 months
Kit Yamoyo
It rehydrates and gives strength to children when they have diarrhoea and saves
Kit Yamoyo
If you love you children, keep buying
No diarrhoea
Kit Yamoyo
No kusomona (diarrhoea)
Kit Yamoyo
No pain
Kit Yamoyo
Buy! bana Maria (Mother of Maria)
It’s not expensive, it’s only 5 Kwacha
Kit Yamoyooo
Kit Yamoyooo



  1. EliasLungu says

    What has been the most interesting thing during radio programs here in Katete are the live phoning in programs. Where the community as far as Mozambique Petauke, Sinda Chadiza and other near by place have been calling and asking how they can get help.

    The local community have also being calling , thanking the team for the good work, of introducing Kit Yamoyo. They has physically confirmed having used Kit Yamoyo and having their children treated within 3 to 5 days.

    What surprises me most is that much as they have recommended it so much: cash sales have gone down. why is yet to be answered soon. Is it lack of cash at hand, or low diarrhoea cases, or low orders by retailers or they still have some Kits in their homes or diarrhoea has reduced?

    I have used Kit Yamoyo 2 times now, truly the Kit is good and strong as it help stop diarrhoea within 3 to 5 day. No dehydration at all as long as it it used correctly.

    • Thanks for this comment Elias. It’s good to hear from the frontline! The good news is that I have just analysed the sales figures for June (and emailed them to you) and in Katete they were the same as for May so at least they have stopped going down!

      In Kalomo they started to rise in June which is a good sign. However, Kalomo have sold fewer kits since the start of the trial (Kalomo: 10,195; Katete: 13,025) so there may be more households in Katete which have kits they haven’t used yet. Both districts have similar populations so the market may be more ‘flooded’ in your district than in Kalomo.

      I was with our Pharmaceutical partner this afternoon and he said that in his experience, the first 4 months after a promotion (like our promotion with vouchers) can be quite depressing! But then the sales start to rise.

      I did an analysis of why kit sales had fallen since we withdrew the vouchers here:

      Keep up the good work. We will get there!