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You are invited to a mother and toddlers’ group in Kagoro

This ‘one-take’ video taken by Albert Saka of Keepers Zambia Foundation captures the atmosphere of our work with mothers raising awareness and promoting Kit Yamoyo on a very windy day. None of it is in English of course but this is the gist of what’s happening and what’s being said: Kit Yamoyo Promoter: Are there […]

Getting people to wash their hands is difficult but can a product help?

We know from our own experience in the UK that getting people to wash their hands – in hospitals for example – is an uphill struggle. The rise in hospital-acquired infections and MRSA is a sad testament to this. But have you noticed how techniques used in UK hospitals have changed in recent over the years? The […]

Kit Yamoyo on local radio in Kalomo and Katete

The Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF) field staff have been using their respective local radio stations for several weeks now to spread the word about Kit Yamoyo and keep the brand in people’s minds. The approach has been different in each district. Katete has run weekly Kit Yamoyo ‘shows’ where they talk with the show’s host about […]

Preliminary SODIS test results

Last Friday (28/6/13) started with a requirement on my part to produce 4 litres of fecal contaminated water (don’t ask) so that we could test the Kit Yamoyo packaging as a SODIS device. SODIS has been a recurring theme on this blog over the years and we have developed a relationship with the SODIS team at […]