Midterm survey well underway – Rohit returns to Canada

The huge undertaking that is the COTZ* midline survey is now well under way in four districts: the two intervention districts (Katete and Kalomo) and the two control districts (Petauke and Monze). In each district our partners RuralNet Associates are surveying 625 households, 45 retailers and talking to the health centres to see if our activities have had an impact on their work.

Our colleague, Rohit Ramchandani, and COTZ’s primary investigator, has been with us for a month. His trip began with him overseeing the training of the enumerators (one week) and then the oversight of the work in the field in the four districts – so we haven’t seen much of him! He has promised a report on his work for the blog but in the meantime he’s chosen a few pictures that sum up the operational research side of COTZ over the last month.

Travel well Rohit!

View the pictures below as slideshow on Flickr

* COTZ: ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia