Designs of the Year 2013 | ColaLife gets a high profile

Designs of the Year 2013 logoThe Designs of the Year 2013 exhibition opened yesterday (20/3/13) and we would have loved to have been there. The next best thing was watching the #designsoftheyear tweets. It wasn’t long before photos of the ColaLife exhibit came through (isn’t social media wonderful?). The first from @Clerkenwell2013  and the second by @dfid_innovation who said:

novel partnership, elegant delivery model, simple design, saving lives – classic innovation

Designs of the Year 2013 @Clerkenwell2013 tweet with text Designs of the Year 2013 @dfid_innovation tweet with text

DfID are the majority funder of the current ColaLife trial underway.

Then the avalanche of social media coverage started. ColaLife was also featured in the coverage we saw in The Guardian and The Telegraph. But this BBC News video was the icing on the cake:

BBC Video of Kit Yamoyo Designs of the Year 2013

The winners will be announced on 17 April 2013. Fingers crossed.


Addendum 25/3/13
The Designs of the Year 2013 were discussed with one of the judges – Johanna Agerman Ross – on Monocle 24 Radio in Episode 75 of The REVIEW originally broadcast on 23/3/13. ColaLife featured strongly. You can listen again here.

Addendum 27/3/13
The Saturday Review discuss Designs of the Year 2013. The discussion it topped and tailed with strong mentions of ColaLife.




  1. Great video! Good Luck! Break a Leg and all that stuff. I think you’ve got it!