Question of the month . . .

. . . what are these four men doing up a tree on the top of an ant hill in rural Kalomo, Zambia?

Answers in the comments please!

Images by Charlotte Mwanza


  1. Trying to get a cell phone connection!

  2. They are trying to get good signal.

  3. Luke Berry says

    It’s got to be something about cellphones …

  4. Matt Morley says

    Activating their Colalife vouchers at the only spot in the area with a cell signal?!

  5. You’ve all passed.

    But Matt Morley passes with distinction for giving the most complete and correct answer.

    Further background:
    This spot is in the middle of nowhere and it is a specific spot – 10m this way or that way is no good. Everyone in the area knows where it is and you can see that there is a quite a well-worn path to the top of the ant hill.

    Jane says someone should set up a cafe there.

  6. Via email says

    Don’t know where the comments section is but…

    I reckon they’re they’re trying to rig up some kind of mobile signalling station / aerial, to aid the communication with all the distributors and sellers of Kit Yamoyos.

    Good luck and well done to all involved.


  7. Via email says

    Desperately trying to get a mobile signal so as to be able to place their next orders for the fantastically popular Kit Yamoyo’s……..?????


  8. Via email says

    Their Kit Yamoyo token blew away