Gladys Imasiku explains how the Kit Yamoyo has affected her work at Kalonda Rural Health Centre

I have reported before that staff at the rural health centres within the trial areas are saying that fewer mothers are reporting to them with children with diarrhoea. In short, diarrhoea cases have gone down leaving staff to deal with more complex issues. This is of course anecdotal at the moment but we hope to have the data to support this by May 2013.

Anyway, today we visited Kalonda Health Centre in Kalomo and I was able to film what Gladys Imasiku, the Office in Charge, had to say on the matter. Very, very encouraging.

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  1. Great Job! may I ask you what the kits cost as a retailer and to a mother purchasing them. As I said before I am in the process of establishing my school in Kalabo, Western Province and hope to be able to help Colalife distribute the Kit Yamoyo’s to that area.
    Thank you

    • Hi Joanne

      Thanks for your comment. The recommended retail price for the kits is K5.00. The retailer buys them for K3.70 (minimum purchase is a bag of 5). The wholesaler buys them for K3.10 (minimum purchase is a carton of 7 bags (35 kits)).

      Assuming proven success of the trial, we will publish our roll-out plans here on the blog.