The Design Council gets behind ColaLife

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The Kit Yamoyo

Fans of our Facebook page will know that the ColaLife AidPod has been nominated by The Design Museum as one of the Designs of the Year 2013 which we are very proud of. The trouble is, the Design Museum’s list of nominees is long and we have the Olympic Cauldron in our category.

However, we are VERY encouraged by The Design Council‘s recent blog post that highlighted just five of the nominees and ColaLife was one of them. We were picked by  Chris Howroyd, The Design Council’s Programme Manager for Health. Chris said:

I can’t say I much like Coca-Cola (the taste of it reminds me of going to the dentist), but I do marvel at the worldwide success of the brand. It is drunk in gallons everywhere (apart from Glasgow perhaps) and reaches even the most remote corners of the world. Developing innovative healthcare products is one thing, having the supply chain to deliver them is another. It’s a problem which more often than not, severely limits the intended impact. This is exactly why I love the ColaLife concept; not only are they pulling together unique, well designed packages of products that save lives, but they’re planning to ingeniously piggy back on one of the world’s most successful distribution channels to reach those who are most in need. That leaves a much better taste in my mouth.

Thank you Chris.

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