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Question of the month . . .

. . . what are these four men doing up a tree on the top of an ant hill in rural Kalomo, Zambia? Answers in the comments please! Images by Charlotte Mwanza

Gladys Imasiku explains how the Kit Yamoyo has affected her work at Kalonda Rural Health Centre

I have reported before that staff at the rural health centres within the trial areas are saying that fewer mothers are reporting to them with children with diarrhoea. In short, diarrhoea cases have gone down leaving staff to deal with more complex issues. This is of course anecdotal at the moment but we hope to have […]

Curating chaos

It’s all very well sitting in an office and planning something to within an inch of its life – which is what we did – but you need to try things out to really learn and plan properly. In theory the value chain we have created works like this: We create a desirable product – an […]

The bridge to Siachitema

Siachitema was the target area in Kalomo District for the test run of the supply chain before we started the trial. We recruited our first two retailers there – Joy and Golden – and we now have 4 registered retailers in Siachitema. Last week, while I was in the UK, my colleagues from Keepers Zambia […]

Whistle stop trip to the UK

I got back to Lusaka yesterday after a packed speaking and meeting tour in the UK, taking in London and Norwich. It’s great to be back in my blogging seat at my blogging desk. I gave three presentations while in the UK (9/2/13 University of East Anglia (UEA); 11/2/13 Health and Private Sector Advisers at […]

The Design Council gets behind ColaLife

[Please show the judges we care and ‘Like’ our nomination on the Dessign Museum’s facebook Page here. Two clicks and you’re done!] Fans of our Facebook page will know that the ColaLife AidPod has been nominated by The Design Museum as one of the Designs of the Year 2013 which we are very proud of. […]

The ColaLife documentary – The Cola Road – premiers in New York this weekend

Calling all our New York-based supporters. This Saturday, 9 February 2013, the ColaLife documentary – The Cola Road – gets its first screening at New York University’s newsdoc Festival. Entry is free and the screening of The Cola Road is in the afternoon. Please go along, if you can, and report back, it will be good […]

Where are the Kit Yamoyos? Production and sales to 25 Jan 2013 [corrected on 3 Mar 2013]

From a standing start in mid September 2012, when no one knew what a Kit Yamoyo anti-diarrhoea kit was, rural retailers in the remote parts of two districts of Zambia have bought 13,730 kits (an average of 106 per day). To feed this demand wholesalers have bought 20,650 and our pharmaceutical partner, Pharmanova have manufactured […]

Retailers buy by the box full

When we were designing the ColaLife Trial in Zambia (COTZ), we agonised over the unit of sale to retailers. We had some information on the working capital that remote, rural retailers had. But not much. We finally settled on a pack size of one bag of 5 kits as the unit of sale to a […]