Cool MOO – your chance to win

Just before Christmas Jane and I visited MOO HQ to pick up our MOO Award. As you can tell from the photo below left, we were very pleased to be there. The MOO people have described the visit with words and pictures here. The picture below right is proof that MOO is as cool on the inside as it appears from the outside . . . meeting rooms where you can write on the walls! How cool is that?!

Jane and Simon at MOO for the MOO Award 2012 MOO meeting room wall

As I’ve said before, winning the 2012 MOO Award was a huge honour for us and created a lot of interest in what we are doing. By the activity on Twitter it was clear that many people would have liked to be in our shoes. On our visit to MOO HQ @FurryPieri tweeted:

Oh boo-hoo, I want to hang out with the Moo-Crew 🙁

Moo Crew tweet

Anyway, here’s your chance to hang out with the Moo-Crew! MOO have just launched another competition with a deadline of 8 February. We are chuffed that one of the ways we use MOO Cards was at least a part of the inspiration for this competition. On the launch of the competition Andrea at MOO wrote:

Aside from their business and their brilliant presentation, we were also hugely impressed with their Business Cards. As you can see above, they used Printfinity to create 5 Business Cards that present their business – from start to finish. Simon Berry, the founder of ColaLife, described it as an “Elevator Pitch” set of cards – a way of giving a full (albeit shortened) overview of who you are and what you do in just a few minutes.

So here’s the challenge – we’d like to see your 5-card elevator pitch! Present us your business idea in five cards. We’ll pick the best business pitch as our winner.

Here is a selection of the ColaLife elevator pitch cards:

MOO Card Slides 2 MOO Card Slides 1
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