Wonderful day in Katete

I’m just back from a very inspiring day in Katete – one of the two districts we are running the ColaLife trial (COTZ) in.

I travelled  with three colleagues: Elias Lungu (the KZF project officer in Katete); Albert Saka (KZF, Lusaka) and Rohit Ramchandani (ColaLife‘s Public Health Adviser and the Primary Investigator for COTZ). We met mothers who’d used the Kit Yamoyo, retailers and promoters. Rohit is doing a report but in the meantime I wanted to share these retailer stock sheets with you (click on them to see them full size on Flickr).

Retailer stock sheet 1 of 2 Retailer stock sheet 2 of 2

We are encouraging the Kit Yamoyo registered retailers to keep stock sheets with a varying degree of success but these are excellent and reinforce some of our suspicions:

  1. This retailer sells Coca-Cola but not in volumes that are compatible with Kit Yamoyo sales. Since he started keeping the stock card he has bought 2 x 70 kits (that’s four of our cartons) and would have needed 14 crates of Coca-Cola to transport these and he only own 4 Coca-Cola crates. He is just buying complete cartons of Kit Yamoyos in the form they leave the assembly line at Pharmanova in Lusaka.
  2. Cash sales have dropped since the voucher distribution has got underway in earnest. The big question is: Will cash sales pick up again as the voucher supply diminishes?
Watch this space.