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Calling USA – help us achieve our ColaLife Christmas Challenge!

ColaLife has supporters all over the world – not least in the USA – and we’d like to invite YOU to help us launch our strategy to co-fund the distribution of AidPods in Africa. Can you help us raise a total of $5000 from 40 different donors in 30 days? We’ve just been accepted onto […]

ColaLife wins Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) Stars in Global Health award

ColaLife is delighted to announce that we’ve been selected as recipients of a Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) Stars in Global Health award. So, who is our Star in Global Health? And where does Canada come in? Well, regular readers will know Rohit Ramchandani, our Public Health Advisor. Rohit first contacted us in 2008, saying he’d […]

ColaLife on the BBC World Service – 22/11/12

This is an interview with ColaLife’s Public Health Adviser, Rohit Ramchandani, that went out on the Newsday programme on 22/11/12 at around 5:40 GMT      

The Kit Yamoyo is a hit

During the field trip on Thursday (8/11/12) the feedback we got on the Kit Yamoyo was 100% positive. When people were asked if the Kit Yamoyo was good the response wasn’t ‘Yes’ but ‘Maningi’ meaning ‘very’. However, I’m always suspicious that people say what you want to hear. Before our trip out on Friday morning, […]

A day in the field in Katete

I’m just back from a day in the field in Katete and wanted to share some of my observations. These are just observations at the moment, not evidence. You’ll have wait for the midline survey for the first evidence to emerge. We visited 13 registered retailer,s and a 14th who we would like to recruit, […]

The bicycles have arrived!

As a bit of bicycle enthusiast myself it gives me enormous pleasure that the ColaLife trial has the resources to provide the Kit Yamoyo promoters with bicycles. Because of the low population density of the districts we are working in (eg 16 people per square kilometre in Kalomo – that’s 6.25 hectares or 15.5 football […]

The ColaLife business model in annotated pictures

Now that we are underway I’m able to illustrate our business model in practice using pictures from along the supply chain. There are links at the end of this presentation to two short videos: an endorsement by Dr Kasonde, Zambia’s Minister of Health and a description of the Kit Yamoyo features. Let me know what […]

Notes from Tuesday in rural Kalomo

Last Tuesday (30/10/12) started at 6am and finished at 7pm. The day was spent traveling around rural Kaloma calling on rural health centres, promoters and retailers. We delivered vouchers to health centers and promoters and collected vouchers from retailers that they had collected in exchange for Kit Yamoyos. Health centres act as one of the distribution […]

The October Report from Katete

[Guest blog post and pictures by Elias Lungu, Project Officer, Keepers Zambia Foundation, Katete] Following the training of promoters and retailers that was done last month from 19-21 September 2012 at Katete Centre for Agriculture Marketing, the Katete team has being distributing vouchers in the 7 communities. In September we managed to distribute 300 vouchers. […]