The Kit Yamoyo features (original AidPod version) (video)

[addendum 7-Jan-17]
Note that this was the version of Kit Yamoyo used in the original trial (2012-13). It went out of production in Sep-16. It was superseded by the Flexi-pack design from Oct-15. For further information please see:

  1. How the ColaLife trial findings have influenced the design of Kit Yamoyo and
  2. The features of the Kit Yamoyo Flexi-pack (video)


I have written a lot about the features of the Kit Yamoyo anti-diarrhoea kit that is now making its way to shops in remote rural communities in two districts in Zambia but these are best seen. In the video below I describe the features as I disassemble the kit and use it to measure and mix 200ml of ORS solution.

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  1. What if the village’s water supply isn’t clean and that is part of the reason a child has intestinal problems? Will next version of kit contain some water purification tablets?

    • Steve – thanks for your comment.

      The use of SAFE water to make up the ORS solution is stressed in the promotional activities associated with the launch of the Kit as well as on the ORS sachets themselves and in the instruction leaflet. In the promotional activities we also talk about the causes of diarrhoea and steps to take to help prevent it. We also talk about different techniques for making water safe.

      We did consider including water purification tablets at the early stages but there was concern that these would get confused with the Zinc tablets. But this may be a possibility in the future – sachets of chlorine next to the soap is another idea.

      Although we are not promoting this as part of this trial – the container is made of 80% recycled PET plastic which we believe will support water sterilisation using the SODIS technique. In which case, the packaging becomes a water sterilisation device as well as a container for the kit, a measure, a cup and a storage device. A member of the SODIS team at EAWAG will be visiting Zambia later this month and we will be sending AidPods (the packaging) for testing as a SODIS device.

      SODIS diagram

  2. Amy Archibald says

    Is the ColaLife Kit free to those in need in Zambia? How are the children/adults selected to receive the kit?

    • Thanks for your question Amy. The recommended retail price of the kit is K5.00 (about 1 US dollar). However, as part of our activities to promote the kit – which is a totally new product – we have been distributing vouchers so the mother can experience the kit at no cost for the first time. However, voucher distribution stopped on 31 March.
      We are promoting the Kit Yamoyo through health centres, Under 5 Clinics, Growth Monitoring groups and so on.
      Our business model is explained here in annotated pictures.


  1. Val Monk says:

    The ColaLife Kit Yamoyo features. Words don't do it. Seeing is believing. Here's the video.

  2. Val Monk says:

    Simple plan to save lives by a normal couple – @colalife. Makes me want to do something brilliant! Here's the video.

  3. Steve Dale says:

    The Kit Yamoyo features (anti-diarrhea) (video) by @51m0n #colalife

  4. The ColaLife Kit Yamoyo features. Words don't do it. Seeing is believing. Here's the video.

  5. Antidiahrea kit delivered via cocacola shipments in developing countries!

  6. race2bhuman says:

    What happens when you keep trying? @ColaLife

  7. The ColaLife Kit Yamoyo features. Words don't do it. Seeing is believing. Here's the video.