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Picture of the year | Kit Yamoyos on a bicycle

This picture was sent to me this afternoon (22/10/12) and it’s significant. It was taken by Elias, one of the Keepers Zambia Foundation field staff, on his way back from the field on Friday (19/10/12). This is one of the retailers that Elias and his colleague, Justina, have trained. He’s visited the Coca-Cola wholesaler in […]

The Kit Yamoyo features (original AidPod version) (video)

[addendum 7-Jan-17] Note that this was the version of Kit Yamoyo used in the original trial (2012-13). It went out of production in Sep-16. It was superseded by the Flexi-pack design from Oct-15. For further information please see: How the ColaLife trial findings have influenced the design of Kit Yamoyo and The features of the Kit Yamoyo […]

Getting the syphon going

We are at a very exciting – albeit nerve-wracking – place just now right at the start of the trial. The situation we were in a few weeks ago, after our visit to see Chief Siachitema, is a really good metaphor for the situation we find ourselves in right now. Let me explain. As we […]