Returned from Kalomo inspired!

It’s Monday night (17/9/12) and Jane and I have just returned inspired from Katete – one of the COTZ intervention districts. We spent the morning with Boyd and Charlotte, the new Keepers Zambia Foundation staff based there. The main purpose of the visit was for Jane to run a training of trainers session on the theme of Enterprise and to take the training materials Boyd and Charlotte will need for this week’s training of the first registered shop keepers.

While we were there, Boyd and Charlotte shared images and video of some pre-promotion work they had been doing. Here’s the campaign vehicle!

Poster on car cropped

Drama is used a lot to get new messages across in communities. But before the drama starts you need to draw the crowd and there is nothing like a bit of dancing to do this. If you can dance like the Kit Yamoyo Promoter in the short video clip below, I salute you!

‘Be a wise mother’ is a key phrase in our marketing and even non-Tonga speaking people will be able to pick out this message in the clip below:

There is also a need to raise awareness about Zinc. In Zambia, like most other countries, the awareness of Zinc is very low. This is conveyed in the clip below:

And finally, here’s a mini clip of a bunch of kids giving the Kit Yamoyo message . . .

What is brilliant about all of this is the feeling that we’ve ‘let go’ and the whole thing is taking on a (truly Zambian) life of its own. I just hope the life is a long and sustainable one.

To finish off, here are a few more pictures:

Children with poster 1

Children with poster 2 Mother and child with Kit Yamoyo

And here is Charlotte (in the orange T-Shirt) in the thick of it:

Charlotte with children

Onwards and upwards!