Test run – the wholesaler

Simon Berry with the first box of Kit Yamoyos

You don’t get many pictures on me on this blog but here I am in my element. I’m holding the first carton of Kit Yamoyos and delivering it to the Coca-Cola wholesaler in Choma. This was the start of the wholesale part of the test run which happened today (9/8/12).

The box contains 7 bags of Kit Yamoyos with 5 kits in each bag. The wholesaler buys by the carton and the retailers buy by the bag and sell single Kit Yamoyos.

First Wholesaler-Retailer Kit Yamoyo transaction
The retailer/wholesaler transaction (Golden and Edmund)

A little while later our first ‘test run’ retailer arrived – Golden Namindi – and he bought 2 bags of Kit Yamoyos – 10 kits in all. Then the second retailer arrived – Joy Munanyanga – and she did the same thing!

This involved a couple of  few background processes: the retailers needed ID cards (for the duration of the trial, only registered – and trained – retailers will be able to buy at the wholesaler) and the wholesaler needed to complete a stock control card which records cartons received and bags sold.

On Monday we go to the retailers’ village – Siachitema – and test the retail part of the distribution chain including: voucher redemption, kit verification and the 50% offer contained in each Kit Yamoyo.

These are the prices being charged:

Retail price of a single Kit Yamoyo: K5,000
Wholesale price of a bag of 5 Kit Yamoyos: K18,500 (K3,700/kit)
Price to wholesaler of a carton of 7 bags of Kit Yamoyos: K108,500 (K3,100/kit)

The highlight of the day ended up being the T-Shirts which everyone was very pleased with:

Victor, Joy, Golden and Rohit Rohit and the Shop Keeper T-Shirt
Albert, Joy, Golden and Rohit

Lessons learnt and things to follow-up:

The delivery point for the Kit Yamoyos needs to be Standard Sales HQ and not the wholesale depot
The wholesale depot needs to know whether to issue a VAT or non-VAT receipt


  1. Via email says

    Thank you for keeping us in the picture with your amazing unfolding story. I have to believe that the lessons of this entire process that you are going through MUST be applicable to other areas of “delivery”.

    Best wishes


  2. Via email says

    Congratulations and well done! I wish you much success.