Test run – the wholesaler

Simon Berry with the first box of Kit Yamoyos

You don’t get many pictures on me on this blog but here I am in my element. I’m holding the first carton of Kit Yamoyos and delivering it to the Coca-Cola wholesaler in Choma. This was the start of the wholesale part of the test run which happened today (9/8/12).

The box contains 7 bags of Kit Yamoyos with 5 kits in each bag. The wholesaler buys by the carton and the retailers buy by the bag and sell single Kit Yamoyos.

First Wholesaler-Retailer Kit Yamoyo transaction
The retailer/wholesaler transaction (Golden and Edmund)

A little while later our first ‘test run’ retailer arrived – Golden Namindi – and he bought 2 bags of Kit Yamoyos – 10 kits in all. Then the second retailer arrived – Joy Munanyanga – and she did the same thing!

This involved a couple of  few background processes: the retailers needed ID cards (for the duration of the trial, only registered – and trained – retailers will be able to buy at the wholesaler) and the wholesaler needed to complete a stock control card which records cartons received and bags sold.

On Monday we go to the retailers’ village – Siachitema – and test the retail part of the distribution chain including: voucher redemption, kit verification and the 50% offer contained in each Kit Yamoyo.

These are the prices being charged:

Retail price of a single Kit Yamoyo: K5,000
Wholesale price of a bag of 5 Kit Yamoyos: K18,500 (K3,700/kit)
Price to wholesaler of a carton of 7 bags of Kit Yamoyos: K108,500 (K3,100/kit)

The highlight of the day ended up being the T-Shirts which everyone was very pleased with:

Victor, Joy, Golden and Rohit Rohit and the Shop Keeper T-Shirt
Albert, Joy, Golden and Rohit

Lessons learnt and things to follow-up:

The delivery point for the Kit Yamoyos needs to be Standard Sales HQ and not the wholesale depot
The wholesale depot needs to know whether to issue a VAT or non-VAT receipt


  1. Via email says:

    Thank you for keeping us in the picture with your amazing unfolding story. I have to believe that the lessons of this entire process that you are going through MUST be applicable to other areas of “delivery”.

    Best wishes


  2. Via email says:

    Congratulations and well done! I wish you much success.