Archives for July 2012

The end of the packaging phase

This video makes the packaging process look all very simple but it’s involved months of work for our five packaging partners┬áto get to this point and we are very grateful to them. Immediately after shooting this video I delivered the sealing machine, together with the last 6 boxes of AidPods, to our Kit Yamoyo assembly […]

Last week’s trip to Katete

It’s a long way to Katete and last time we went, we nearly failed to get there. But now I know the road through Eastern Province, and we set off early last Wednesday – this time with a reliable car, a full tank of fuel – and, for me, a comfortable bed for the night: […]

Kalomo, Siachitema and Livingstone

Last week was a good week: out on the road – on the front line, which is where I like to be. Unfortunately it’s not generally the place I should be – that’s the role of our Zambian partners, who do a much better job. However, we are setting up for the test run of […]

Building up to the test run and more

Sorry for the lack of blog posts just recently. It’s not that nothing has been happening – quite the contrary in fact. Last week alone we have collectively: delivered the approved training materials to the printers been developing the social marketing strategy designed the sampling framework for the monitoring of the trial visited Kalomo to […]