The first 500 AidPods arrive in Lusaka

Production AidPod - Mark XI

Today the first 500 AidPods from the production tooling arrived in Lusaka and they are beautiful! These aren’t the first ones off the production tooling. The first ones did not meet the high standards of Charpak and PI Global as the side walls were of an uneven thickness. A slight modification was made of the mould – the radius of one of the edges was increased slightly – and this is the result.

Three other things struck me about the production AidPods: the lids are now a very good, tight fit, they shine and they are very clear. When we get a moment, we will send a batch off to EAWAG so that they can test these AidPods’ efficacy as a SODIS device even though this will not be a feature of the trial (there’s too much innovation in there already!).

Welcome to Jane BerryToday’s other highlight was a series of meetings with printers to discuss the printing of the leaflet that will ‘brand’ the Anti-Diarrhoea Kit and provide instructions on its use, and the training materials, which Jane has been totally immersed in for last few weeks.

All the printers we met were impressive but Associated Printers won the prize for best reception – see the photo the left.

Tomorrow we have a crucial meeting with a Director at the Ministry of Health to discuss the draft training materials and the establishment of the COTZ* Steering Committee.

* ColaLife Operational Trial in Zambia (COTZ)


  1. Tom Lee says

    I love the photo at the printers. Very funny.

  2. Loving reading about the constant innovation that is @colalife #greatwork

  3. RT @colalife: The first 500 AidPods arrive in Lusaka #colalife

  4. Simon

    I’m delighted to hear of the fantastic progress that you, Jane and the rest of the team are making. It’s very inspirational and an excellent example of what can be achieved through focus, collaboration and determination.

    Best wishes from all at Boxwood


    Colin Wilson


  1. Cody Damon says:

    Loving reading about the constant innovation that is @colalife #greatwork