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Pre-trial focus group work and findings

In early 2012, as we were planning the launch of the ColaLife Trial – scheduled for Sep 2012 –  ColaLife was very fortunate to find a local volunteer in Zambia – Dr Beth-Anne Pratt. A social anthropologist with a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Systems Management, Beth has lived and worked in Africa since 1996 and […]

Updated ColaLife Poster

For those of you who like the original version of this poster and have printed it out and stuck on the wall next to your phone (you know who you are), here is an update by the creator of the original poster, Kieran Harrod. This features the production ADK and has been produced to support […]

Testing, testing, 123 testing

The testing processes that PI Global have put into place for the AidPod have been extensive and thorough. 1 Selection of the sealing film Firstly, four different sealing films were heat-sealed to the AidPod and then subjected to under-water pressure tests. The pressure was reduced  to -300mB and held for 1 minute to stress the […]

The branded ADKs – an image

It’s taken a while but here’s an image of the production ADKs with the latest version of the branding. The customer consultation group work concluded last week and ‘Kit Yamoyo’, with the literal photograph of mother with child, was by far the most popular ‘brand’. Clever, aspirational logos did not fare well. Kit Yamoyo means […]

From AidPod to Anti-Diarrhoea Kit (ADK)

Apologies for all the posts recently about packaging. It is a major focus at the moment but it’ll soon pass! I thought it would be useful to describe how the packaging and the components have now come together to form the anti-diarrhoea kit (ADK). Until the start of the set-up period of the trial we […]

Please vote for ColaLife in Canada’s Grand Challenges

Through the efforts of Rohit Ramchandani (pictured on his last trip to Zambia in April/May this year), ColaLife’s public health adviser, we are being considered for a Grand Challenges Canada Rising Stars in Global Health award and we need your help! The public is being asked to vote on their favorite applications/ideas which can be […]

Wanted: Financial sustainability consultant

While we progress the ColaLife trial (COTZ) here in Zambia we are also working on a voluntary basis supporting our trustees to run the ColaLife Charity back in the UK. As part of this work, we are looking for a consultant to help us develop a financial sustainability plan for ColaLife ‘the organisation’. We are […]