What should it look like? How much should it cost? The focus group work gets underway . . .

Actually, we are not calling them focus groups – they are customer consultation sessions! Talking to people looking after under 5 children (care-givers) is a key part of the set-up phase of ColaLife. We need to know what our target customers would find attractive in an anti-diarrhoea kit (no, this isn’t an oxymoron); how much they would be willing to pay for the ColaLife anti-diarrhoea kit (ADK) we are launching, and their awareness of the components it contains.

Ngombe focus groups - ADK Ngombe focus groups - ADK
First exposure to the ADK

Keepers Zambia Foundation are leading on this work and before going to our intervention districts later this week (Kalomo) and next (Katete), they used the contacts they had in peri-urban communities nearby to test the materials and techniques developed by Beth and Jane

Ngombe focus groups - brand Ngombe focus groups - brand
How should it be branded?

The project plan demands that this work is completed by 23 May so that we can fix the branding and the recommended retail price of the ADK and Jane can complete the visuals for the training materials.

Initial indications are that our client group like literal, no-nonsense descriptions and pictures and not ‘clever’ abstract logos. Watch this space . . . find more here.