Packaging Fest at PI Global

We had a great day on Wednesday. Eric, the head of the AidPod team at PI Global had pulled together all those involved in the final stages of the packaging workpackage to review options and look at dependencies. Key players at this point are Charpak who will be manufacturing the AidPod container and lid; Amcor Flexibles who will be providing the transparent film that will seal the AidPod and Packaging Automation Limited who will be providing the machine that will stick these two bits together and heat-seal the ADK.

The ColaLife Packaging Team at PI Global.
Back Row, L-R: Eric, Anna and Tim (PI Global), Jane (ColaLife);
Front Row, L-R: Stuart (Saunders & Dolleymore LLP), Peter (Armcor), Chris (PI Global), Gary (Charpak) and Matt (Packaging Automation)

In this video, Matt from Packaging Automation shows me how to use the machine. The machine that will be put together for us will have jaws made specifically for the AidPod and it will seal two ADKs at a time.

The next steps for this part of the project are:

  1. To finalise the type of film to use. It needs to fulfil the tamper evidencing requirement and be strong enough for the conditions in Zambia. Amcor are also looking at a ‘microporous’ option that will allow air, but not contaminants or water, to move in and out of the pack.
  2. To manufacture of the jaws for the PA machine and then calibrate it to seal the film to the ADK.
  3. To assemble and seal 100 ADKs in the UK for final testing in Zambia – to do this we will need to ship sufficient of the components of the ADKs to the UK – soap, ORS sachets, PedZinc and leaflets. We are waiting for the ORS sachet packaging to arrive from India so that we can produce our new 4g/200ml sachets for stability testing and will need to make 800 additional samples for shipping to the UK.
  4. To do a final test of the assembled ADKs in Zambia.
  5. To manufacture 41,000 ADKs and lids/trays
  6. To ship the packaging machine, the AidPods and film to Lusaka.

Things are staring to feel very real!

We wound up the day with Stuart from Saunders & Dolleymore LLP. Stuart has been guiding us through the process of patenting the AidPod to that we have some control over its use – we wouldn’t it to be used for cigarettes for example – and there may be scope for us to licence its use in the future and raise money to pump back into the ColaLife project.

The AidPod now has a British Patent Pending Number 1201701.8

Thanks go to Eric who had the foresight to bring us all together and to everyone who made time to be there on the one spare day in our short visit to the UK.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    AidPod packaging suppliers brought together at PI Global . . .

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    Check out our fantastic workshop with #ColaLife – an incredibly exciting & worthy cause

  3. pi global says:

    AidPod packaging suppliers brought together at PI Global . . .

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    AidPod packaging suppliers brought together at PI Global . . .