Our response to the PRA – the AidPod Mark VIII

ADK in AidPod Mark VIII

The AidPod moved to a new level of refinement this week in response to the challenge presented to us by Zambia’s Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (PRA). We had shown them the previous version (pictured) which I featured here. The PRA had an issue with soap being in the same kit as ORS and Zinc. There are precedents for public health kits containing medicine and non-medicine; one even contains bleach alongside tablets. The slideshow below features examples of this:

The PRA are not happy with these kits either. But we want to engage all the local institutions in what we are doing to maximise the possibilities for adoption and future sustainability. We want PRA endorsement.

So, how have the people at PI Global responded to this challenge? And it was a real challenge. In fact, a ‘Tardis Challenge’: we wanted to keep the outside dimensions essentially the same while making the inside bigger to accommodate a separate compartment for the soap.

Tim Llewelyn describes what they have done in the video clip below. Essentially, our clever design team have remodelled the base of the AidPod slightly and  deepened the lid to form a tray for the soap, which now sits across the top of the AidPod. Tim explains:

Clever eh? In the next video Tim explains some of the features of the new AidPod:

Needless to say we are delighted with this and can’t wait to show it to the PRA – hopefully, they will be delighted too.



  1. Bill Brieger says:

    Cola Life – lessons learned about packaging and working with national Pharma regulators https://t.co/qy2YsX97