We need your help to get ColaLife on the Women Deliver 50 list

Deliverying for women

Women Deliver are seeking to create a Top 50 of ideas that are . . . delivering for women. The Women Deliver 50 list will be announced on 8 March, International Women’s Day, and will feature prominently at the Women Deliver 2013 conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Out of hundreds of submissions, a selection committee of experts and advocates from leading global NGOs and foundations has chosen a top 125. ColaLife has made it into this top 125.

The ones that make it to the Top 50 will depend on a public vote which runs until 2 March. So we’ve got just seven days! Please vote for ColaLife and encourage your friends to vote too.

Here’s how. Voting is being done through Facebook – click here to vote. You’ll need to vote for at least one project in each of the five categories. ColaLife is in the fifth category ‘Technologies and Innovations’ and we are number 4.

Once you’ve voted, please go that extra mile and invite your friends to vote for ColaLife too. The url for this page is:
https://www.colalife.org/2012/02/24/we-need-your-help-to-get-colalife-on-the-women-deliver-50-list/ (Right-click > Copy link).

I know voting can seem a bit trivial but awards like this really add to ColaLife’s credibility especially with organisations like Ministries of Health which we need on our side to make ColaLife a reality.

If you want more details of the Top 125, a paragraph on each one is given in this document: International_Womens_Day_Profiles_FINAL (PDF, 641 KB). I’ve made it available here as I had difficulty getting it from its original source.

Happy voting and campaigning! And thanks.


  1. We need your help to get ColaLife on the Women Deliver 50 list. Pls vote: https://t.co/UyotRfCH