First ADK prototypes emerge

The Friday before last (27/1/12) a package arrived at the ColaLife project office containing the first prototype of the ADK packaging from our packaging partner PI Global. Earlier in the week, during a much anticipated Skype call, PI Global presented the prototype to us with supporting 3D images and the movie below showing the how the ADK would be assembled.

The image below is from the presentation given to us by PI Global and shows some of the features of the new prototype:

AidPod overview v1

The new packaging differs significantly from the simpler AidPod models that we have been working with to date in the following ways:

  1. They have a higher volume as they are shaped to make better use of the space between bottles
  2. This new shape means they stand up (the previous AidPods laid on their sides) and so the re-use options are increased
  3. Because of their shape you can almost ‘throw’ the ADK at a crate of bottles and they settle in the right place – inserting the wedge-shaped AidPods was a lot more fiddly.
  4. They are transparent which has several benefits:
  • The branding is carried on the insert that goes under the lid. The branding is not integral to the packaging itself. This means that we can produce a whole variety of brand options for the focus group work and can respond properly to the outputs of the focus group work to produce a brand that mothers will find attractive.
  • The package looks attractive and the contents can be seen without opening the package.
  • Although this will not be part of the trial, there is potential for the packaging to act as a water sterilization device through the SODIS technique

As you can imagine, we are all pretty excited about this new AidPod, but it is still a prototype. There is still a bit of work to do to broaden the compatibility of the packaging with all the possible combinations of crate and bottle types and the re-usable lid still has to be designed.

So, PI Global have delivered beyond our expectations and on time. This has been a great motivator to other partners as the project gets underway. We have had great difficulty holding on to the 10 samples we have because everyone wants one! A good sign.

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  1. Packing innovation! Very exciting . . .

  2. looks brilliant RT @colalife First prototypes emerge:

  3. @OrinLevine, thought u may b intrstd: Sneak peak @ the new & improvd Colalife "Aidpod" prototype 4 our Zambia pilot:

  4. Sneak peak @ the new & improvd @Colalife "Aidpod". It will srv as an "Anti-Diarrheal Kit" for our trial in Zambia:

  5. Sneak peak @ the new & improvd @Colalife "Aidpod". It will srv as an "Anti-Diarrheal Kit" for our trial in Zambia:

  6. Really interesting #productdesign development with @Colalife –

  7. Brilliant! I’ve been following the development of the Aidpod for quite a long time now and, as a graduate product designer (now working in marketing), I’m genuinely impressed by the jump forward with this design. Well done PI and Simon!

  8. First ADK prototypes emerge:

  9. First ADK prototypes emerge:


  1. Bill Brieger says:

    First ADK prototypes emerge: