The ColaLife Office, 11 Katemo Road, Lusaka

ColaLife Office | 11 Katemo Road, Lusaka

This is just a quick note to register the fact that we’ve hit another milestone and have moved into our new office at 11 Katemo Road, Lusaka. We are being hosted by TMSA, a programme of COMESA our accountable body. It feels slightly strange. This is the first office I’ve worked in since leaving Defra in June 2010 but I’m sure I’ll get used to it and benefit hugely from the support systems in place and the water cooler chats (yes we have a water cooler).

Onwards and upwards.

PS: If all goes well we will be issuing a call for Expressions of Interest in the Monitoring & Evaluation aspects of the ColaLife trial here, tomorrow. . . watch this space.




  1. ColaLife has its first office!

  2. Woo hoo – so exciting. Good luck @51m0n RT @colalife: ColaLife has its first office!

  3. Wow.  Congratulations!