I went on a bike ride


Expatriate life here can have very little exercise in it unless you work at it. If you’re not careful you move from office chair to car seat to another chair. So I’ve decided to get a bicycle. It’s not really practical to use it for work. Respect levels would fall through the floor if you turned up for meetings on a bike dripping with sweat in cycle attire. So I’ve got a mountain bike for leisure cycling and I’ve been practising.

Bicycles all over the world get you off the beaten track and allow you to see the environment differently and Zambia is no exception. Yesterday as I cycled through a part of Lusaka called Kalikiliki and came across these guys. They were pushing along their handmade lorries, trucks and trains with green sticks. The vision is that in a few years time ADK Packaging will be a component of these toys. If this happens we will have succeeded.


  1. Simon Berry says:

    I went on a bike ride in Lusaka: https://t.co/W9yRlOOa #colalife