A day at the Westminster Hub – video ColaLife update

Yesterday I spent a great day at the new Westminster Hub. I’m grateful to have honorary membership in exchange for helping out with the launch of the hub from Zambia. Jane and I wrote a ‘manifesto for unlikely alliances’ based our our experience so far putting the ColaLife project together. Click on the image to view it enlarged on Flickr.

Westiminster Hub Manifesto Unlikely Alliances

This is on display along with others at the hub.

My day started with a meeting with Algy Williams, CEO of the start-up Every1Mobile kindly arranged by Mark Stevenson following a conversation we had at this weekend’s Honda Hack at The Guardian.

This was a bit of a meeting of minds. We had a great conversation about ‘results-based development’ and the role of enterprise in development. I am sure that this was the first of many conversations. Watch this space.

After this meeting I settled down to do some work until my next meeting at 4pm.  Then I got a tap on my shoulder and there was Andy Chapman – the ColaLife Chairman. Andy works for Sandbox who will be setting up their amazing collaboration system at The Hub and running their innovation workshops there.

Other people floating around included Paul Miller who I know from his ground-breaking School of Everything. There were other familiar faces that I couldn’t put names to – it’s my age!

At 4pm I’d arranged to meet up with David Wilcox (socialreporter.com and socialreporters.net) and William Hoyle for a catch-up and coffee. Both are great friends and ColaLife supporters. David has always been a bit of a mentor to me on all the social media/open innovation stuff and ColaLife still benefits from the free software and systems (eg Huddle and SlideRocket) available through CTXchange which William set up while CEO at Charity Technology Trust. Interestingly, our paths’ have both led to Africa in the last year or so. William now runs techfortrade which is working to improve livelihoods through the use of mobile technology. Jane and I last met William the week before last in Lusaka where techfortrade is working on a project to improve cross-border trade between Zambia and Angola.

David never misses a chance to catch up on the ColaLife story and capture these catch-ups on video and yesterday was no exception. Below is a short video summarising the ColaLife journey over the last 18 months. It ends with a request to vote for us in the Making More Health competition. Your vote could win us $10,000.


  1. A video summary of the last 18 months of ColaLife . . . https://t.co/GSPT4ZXi

  2. A day at the Westminster Hub – video ColaLife update: https://t.co/ThWWEnt0