Announcing the AidPod Mark VIb

We had a bit of a fright when we went to the local Supermarket to buy a crate of Coca-Cola for a presentation we are giving this week to find that the predictable had happened and Zambia Breweries (SABMiller), the Coca-Cola bottler, had capitalised on the new lighter and stumpier bottles we reported on earlier and have produced a more compact crate to match.

Unfortunately the Mark V AidPod does not fit the new crates. The AidPod is too deep and hits the dividers in the crate which means it sits too proud of the bottles. Time for a re-design. So I’ve spent the last couple of days with a new crate working out the new profile of the Mark VI AidPod. Mark VIa, the first attempt at a new design, still had the shoulders as a feature. However, this has always been a bone of contention as it would complicate the production process and make the AidPods more expensive to produce. So the Mark VIb has no shoulders and its cross-section now looks like this (see picture). It is still half-length (116mm approx), just like its predecessor and so 10 ADKs will fit into one crate.

The big question is, is the new design big enough to take all the proposed components of the Anti-Diarrhoea Kit (ADK)?

We have samples of the soap that will be part of the kit and we also have samples of the PedZinc zinc supplements but we have yet to finalise the ORS we will use. So on Saturday (15/10/11) we went into Lusaka to combine a bit of research, into what was available on the market, with the purchase of some ORS samples. When we got home we were able to see if the components would all fit into the new AidPod. Watch the video to find out!

Here is a set of 9 pictures which show the new AidPods in the new crate (you’ll need to be reading this on the blog to see this slideshow I think):


  1. Pam Webster says:

    A significant re-design of the AidPod . . .

  2. RT #DreamFactory #CulturalEngineer updates us on the AidPod @colalife: A significant re-design of the AidPod . . .