Lucy donates her birthday to ColaLife!

Lucy Gower

Lucy Gower

I got up this morning and did my customary scan of Google Reader to find that Lucy Gower had dedicated her birthday to ColaLife. Happy Birthday Lucy and bless you!

Lucy did this through her blog and via Facebook and encouraged everyone to give her a present this year (for a change) and wanted that present to be a donation to ColaLife.

This all happened as our cyclists, Bill and Nigel, leave their desks, grab their bikes and head for Portsmouth to catch the ferry to St Malo. From there they will head for nearby Dinard to start the four-day ColaLife D2D Participation Ride. The rumour is that both have thought ahead and done a bit of planning. The result of this is that Bill has bought a First Aid Kit and Nigel bought a corkscrew. That just about sums the two characters up!

They start their four-day, 400km trip to Deauville (the other ‘D’) with about half their target of £6,000 pledged in the hope that others will pile in and support their effort as they start pedalling. You can sponsor them here:

>> Make regular donations to ColaLife right here
>> Make an offline Donation – instructions and GiftAid form are here

Nigel and Bill are covering all their expenses for this trip and so 100% of all donations comes straight to ColaLife.

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  1. Simon Berry says:

    Lucy Gower donates her birthday to ColaLife! Make Lucy's day and help us save children's lives.