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Honda | The Power of Dreams

Regular readers will know of my involvement in Honda’s Dream Factory where Honda have brought together nine ‘Cultural Engineers’ who are doing interesting things. Honda is supporting us in our work in various ways. So far, ColaLife has been part of a week-long exhibition in Brick Lane, held last summer (2010)  and this August (2011) ColaLife was […]

Our current thoughts on subsidies

We: Jane, Rohit and I have been working on a Value For Money (VfM) analysis for one of our potential trial funders. This has been a real intellectual challenge and has led to insights we didn’t know existed. The thought processes we’ve been through have really helped clarify the level and type of subsidy in […]

Make a donation to ColaLife by SMS text

The barriers to donating to the work of ColaLife just disappeared for everyone with a mobile phone. You can now donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 by simply sending a text to 70070. The text should read: COLA44 £10 – to donate £10 COLA44 £5 – to donate £5 You get the idea! […]

Introducing the Mark V AidPod

Each time I do a significant modification to the AidPod design I feel a strange fondness for the out-going model and then immediately bond with the new one. I said this to Jane and she quipped “That’s how you’ll feel when you get your second wife.” 🙂 Anyway, here it is the AidPod Mark V. […]

ColaLife enters the mainstream popular and academic media

As we build up to our move to Zambia to oversee an independently evaluated trial of the ColaLife concept, interest in what we are trying to achieve has reached new levels. In the last few weeks we have had three mentions in HELLO! Magazine (@hellomag) with a full-page spread in the 22 August 2011 issue. […]

D2D Riders complete their challenge for ColaLife

Is this the most posed photo you’ve ever seen? Two blokes trying to look exhausted and asleep with big grins on their faces! This is Bill (left) and Nigel (right) on the ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth after their 400 km ride across the north of France from Dinard to Deauville (D2D) for ColaLife. […]

The boys complete day 1 with just one fall #colalifeD2D

Well the boys made it to the end of Day 1 of the ColaLife D2D ride nearly unscathed. There was a minor fall apparently with only minor damage (bike or person wasn’t specified in the tweet). You can follow all the excitement(!) by keeping an eye on the hashtag #colalifeD2D. A fun way to do this […]

Lucy donates her birthday to ColaLife!

I got up this morning and did my customary scan of Google Reader to find that Lucy Gower had dedicated her birthday to ColaLife. Happy Birthday Lucy and bless you! Lucy did this through her blog and via Facebook and encouraged everyone to give her a present this year (for a change) and wanted that […]

Multiply your money | Invest in ColaLife (or book a holiday & help that way too)

You may have noticed that we are on a fundraising drive. But before I tell you why we are doing this, let me tell you how we have multiplied the money we have received from individual supporters so far. To date we have received about £10,000 in donations, to put together the partnership and develop […]